Thursday, June 16, 2016

Technology that helps with real estate industry - the virtual tours creator

With all this new technology that is emerging, all jobs became more easy to do and the efficiency increases a lot - there’s a lot of opportunity for a real estate agent as well as for other individuals and jobs as well. Someone who can market the properties for his clients, and help them sell them faster. The market is that big and so many people want a house right now making it impossible for a single man to manage a higher number of properties at a time.

For the simple reason that there is really a lot of work and preparation before the actual selling/purchasing of the house. And then there’s the visit with every potential clients that want to see the interior. Not a lot of work is actually done in marketing your venture and the current properties when you have to accompany the potential clients.

To be honest, not a lot of clients are very keen on visiting anything when you they focus on marketing to your business. That’s a tough choice to make between searching for more clients and leveraging the actual one you have. We thought about this and came up with a great solution. It’s called real estate virtual tour creator, a neat piece of software by TourWizard.
Anyone can set it up in 15 minutes, there is no need for extra programs either by your side or the clients visiting. The support is offered for every step of the process and even after you’re set to go, the marketing experts would guide anyone to create a great virtual tour solution.

This program actually creates a 360 view on the house inside and outside. So every potential customer can see the property from their computer or mobile phone. No need for walking up and down every time someone wants to see it.

By optimising all the necessary softwre and marketing efforts, that means that the real estate agents that are working in a certain company will have from now on a lot of time for dedicating themselves on finding a larger number of clients for your business and clients for the houses you need to sell.

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